Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back from the slums, it be the Wu

I seem to go on blogging hiatuses and kind of just let everything I need to blog about pile up.

Anyways, first thing to mention:

On Tuesday, June 29, I will be performing at the corner perk in Bluffton (next to Monster Pizza). It starts with OOPS (I've made a whole new show up for us, its going to be real wacky)
followed by BABYVILLE, whom I'm pretty sure only myself and one other person in the world has heard this. Its Kieran Daly on lead everything and should be real excite. And headlining is good ol' YMC. I guess we'll be playing pretty alright too.

Coincidentally, I'm in all 3 bands. Why?

Hopefully, I'll get someone to take some pictures or something. I'm really excited, its my first show like this in a long long time, so come out! A show this interesting may never happen again!

Now I know its kind of dumb to blog about high school art projects, but since school's been out, I've gone through these projects and thought that at least these ideas were particularly funny or just something I would've done for fun. Which, in a way, is sort of what. Can't say I really got good grades on these, because I never always did what was asked.

This is a Black Santa Claus transforming into a Neapolitan Ice Cream Cone

An alphabet in the shape of Cats in Jars

And the rest