Sunday, May 23, 2010


I did another project for school, involving me making a video. This is for math class, and has little to do with math, but its freaking awesome.

A RHYTHMIC OPTION from Garrett Burke on Vimeo.

By the way, I got A's on both of these projects.

Now its time for me to jam (YMC's back in town, woo!).


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


2nd installment of our movie projects, for Mr. A's film class. Its not as legendary as A WHEELY IMPORTANT ADVENTURE, but its still funny.


A REALLY TURKEY ADVENTURE PART 1 from Garrett Burke on Vimeo.


A REALLY TURKEY ADVENTURE PART 2 from Garrett Burke on Vimeo.

Everyone liked it at school. Hoorah.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Its one of those 3-poop days...

I guess you can call this a collage, or my admittance to the chicago scrapbooking festival... cause that exists.

I did this while bored at work:

Magazine clipping, papertowel, scotch tape, stamp ink


Andy Jams

So my friend, Andy, or Andrew, plays piano, amongst other things. He always plays these little Andy-Compositions (or Andy-diddies, rather) in the band room. We also never really jam with him. So in the midst of of plotting our second movie project (sequel to 'A Wheely Important Invention' for you veteran Nwwt Bwwts readers) I told him, "yo andy, I wan das songs."

SO Brady and I 'recorded' it. Along with accompaniment from myself on drums, and Brady on guitar (though inaudible, in is case).

Here they are:

Andy 1 by G N 8

Andy 2 by G N 8

Andy 3 by G N 8

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Here's some things:

Prom was fun. I bought two packs of mustaches for all the guys. Errybody was lookin real purdy.

Played some things. Here's a cool pictures, courtesy of my pal Brady.
He takes the coolest of em.

Saw a giant rainbow today.

This is my last month of school for this year. I've been mega busy with this stuff, but plus that stuff too. After all the tests and jive, I'ma planning on giving myself a pretty good summer. Then I will wish everyone good tidings and continue with one more year of high school.

I started playing trumpet. I ain't good at it.

I got my omnichord back. It's not fixed. :( However, I am glad to find out that it wasn't my fault, it being broken. The adapter I used to power, which had thought killed it, though it did actually kill it, it should not have, to my and most american's knowledge. There was something weird with it, like the power part was reversed compared to most electronic things, but seeing as it was made in 1980's Japan, it was too unruly to fix. Not really sure what I'm gonna do with it really.

Speaking of eBay, I almost made another purchase this week. I was watching a video of the Gorillaz on the Colbert Report. This one. Anyways, the keyboardist has got this rack of synths and stuff, and let me tell you - I'm obsessed with analog synthesizers. I've been trying for the longest time to find one for a reasonable price. So whenever I see one in action, I go look it up. This one is called the Korg MS2000; it usually goes for like $600-700. I saw one on eBay, that day, for $200. So I nearly freaked, and declared that I must have it. To make a long story short, I lost it. I wasn't home when the auction ended (ahem, school) though I was the highest bidder when I left. It still only went for $320 though. I'm upset.

I got a real version of Ableton (FINALLY). The one I had during the 1st republic (the time period before the hard drive revolution (I've got my AP Euro test in two days; I'm into calling things by names like that)) was mega faulty and... well, it was stolen. The one I got now, yeah its got less instruments, and I've gotta spend time putting all my old projects back together (thanks for summer), but this one's got so much more audio effects. I've got my reverb so outta control (or extremely controlled, rather) that every snare sounds like a freaking gunshot. It rocks!

Everything is making me more and more excited for this summer. i.e. new releases: LCD soundsystem, wolf parade, broken social scene, and erryone else...

I was gonna post a jam we recorded this week, but internet's too sloooooooowwwwwwWWWW.

So I'll do that tomorrow.